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March 2017

7 In Food

For The Bowls

One of my favorite things to do Saturday mornings after working out is to make a smoothie bowl. These tend to get a bad rap because in reality, you are putting a smoothie in a bowl and eating it with a spoon (it’s ‘hipster nonsense’ as my friend Nick likes to call it). However, I like to think of them more as ‘breakfast soups.’ They’re exactly the light snack I need to still give me enough energy to get the…

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0 In Music

03/28: Ten Songs Tuesday

ten songs tuesday chicago meehandering lifestyle blog

The Great Impression – Sparkadia Not a One – The Young Wild Echo – Incubus Sunbleached Girl – Shag Rock Sheet – Mt. Joy Never Meant – American Football Chateau Lobby #4 – Father John Misty Bridge Burn – Little Comets No Matter Where We Go – Whitney Hacienda Motel – Pickwick  …

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1 In Lifestyle

Muse Monday Vol. 5

Purchases: If you’ve seen a reoccurring theme, I like to take advantage of Amazon Prime every chance I get. Even when buying vitamins, supplements, etc. this still rings true. This month I was starting to run out of a few of my favorites and had to restock.   Feeling achy? Feeling just plain down? Ask your doctor to test your Vitamin D levels. An estimated 1 billion of us are vitamin D deficient. These D3 Gummies not only taste awesome,…

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10 In Beauty

Bag Your Under Eye Bags

beauty mask

If you can’t already tell by my previous beauty-themed posts, I’m the queen of pamper. Skincare is incredibly important to me and, in my opinion, is a huge part of keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit. While under eye bags are hardly something that needs to be apart of your everyday routine, they need lovin’ every now and then too. For those mornings I wake up extra puffy and need to look refreshed quick, I try to keep eye…

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0 In Beauty/ Lifestyle

Muse Monday Vol. 4

After last weekend’s St. Paddy’s day festivities my liver was begging me to take it easy. I spent my weekend enjoying some time back home with my family in Toledo. Purchases: Two of my close friends came to visit (hi Mel and Molly!) and had these funky little contraptions on the back of their phone, I’ve been dying to get one. You pop them onto the back of your phone to make it easier to hold, prop up, and handle…

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14 In Lifestyle

14 Things to Know Before You Get A Tattoo

When I was finally out of my parent’s house and in school at Bowling Green State University we got a coupon book at our campus fest for freshmen that included a discounted tattoo at Studio 14 Tattoo shop. Nose and lip-pierced, Vans Warped Tour-going, Converse-wearing, 18 year old Taylor couldn’t resist. A very close friend of mine always referred to me as ‘little butterfly,’ so that’s just what I got. A little butterfly (let the butterfly tramp stamp jokes roll…

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