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  1. “I’m so excited to see my family!”
  2. “When are we eating?”
  3. “I wonder how many snapchats of my dog I can get away with.”
  4. “Has this couch always been this ugly?”
  5. “Don’t mention the election, don’t mention the election…”
  6. “Annnnnnd he mentioned the election.”
  7. “Yes, grandma, that is racist.”
  8. “How did I turn out even relatively normal?”
  9. “Another cousin is engaged…”
  10. “Does anyone actually watch this parade? Is Charlie Brown still relevant?”
  11. “Who are Chloe and Halle?”
  13. “No cheesy potatoes, are you shitting me?”
  14. “Really cheaped out on the gravy this year, huh Uncle Bob?”
  15. “Thank god I remembered my flask.”
  16. “I don’t need seconds.”
  17. “Fuck it, I’m getting seconds.”
  18. “I’m never eating again.”
  20. “Is this going to get enough likes on instagram?”
  21. “I miss my cat.”
  22. “I don’t need a nap”
  23. “Wow, that was a great nap.”
  24. “I should probably stay in tonight and relax.”
  25. “Wow this bar looks exactly how I remember it.”
  26. “I’m thankful for tequila.”
  27. “I wonder if my high school boyfriend still works at the Taco Bell on Laskey.”
  28. “We should go to Taco Bell on Laskey.”
  29. “THEY’RE dating?”
  30. “Holy. Hangover.”
  31. “Are there any leftovers in the fridge?”
  32. “I’m so glad Thanksgiving is over.”
  33. “See everyone in a month for Christmas…”

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