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5 Budget Apps

I’ve written before about my Qapital app being my saving grace when it comes to putting away money mindlessly. It’s been a huge help with my finances and whenever I look at my account I’m always surprised at how much I actually had sitting in it without realizing. I’m not great with money and have always struggled to keep a tight budget, but after meeting my co-worker Celeste, she’s been a huge help with this! I’ve paired up with her to bring you 5 of the best apps to help you save, budget, and track.

If you want more in-depth information about how Celeste manages her debts, saves big at the grocery store, and meal preps awesome lunches every week for work, head on over to See Celeste Save to learn more! Your bank account won’t regret it.


Hi everyone! I’m Celeste and I have a blog called See Celeste Save. I am documenting my boyfriend and I’s journey into becoming debt free. We have currently paid off over $15,000 since September 2016. We have cut corners, sold stuff, budgeted; and now I wanted to share with you some apps that have helped me along the way.

What I like to highlight in these apps is that we are NOT looking into groundbreaking, time consuming activities. I don’t clip coupons! These apps are what I use to save extra cash in my everyday life. Since I have started using these apps I have saved about $935!! And the earliest I started the apps was last August. So I hope you at least try them out to see if they will be a good fit for you!


Ibotta is the perfect tool in saving you money at the grocery store without clipping coupons! When you shop in store at selected stores via the app, you unlock deals or virtual coupons. These deals could be from local grocery or clothing stores, Costco, etc. The grocery deals are updated weekly and cover everything from milk and eggs, to snacks, to wine and spirits! Most importantly, once you download the app you automatically earn a new user welcome bonus of $10! You will receive the bonus after you redeem your first coupon into your account!


There are a million budget apps out there but I recently picked up Everydollar and I am really enjoying it! It is a free app that helps you track your budget throughout the month on your desktop or smartphone.  It keeps your accountability in the palm of your hand so as you make purchases, you can enter them into the app while you are on the go. I like keeping a paper budget and the every dollar app keeps me on track and reminds me of my goals.


Ebates has been my FAVORITE find! It partners with Chrome so when you are shopping online at your favorite stores (Etsy, Groupon, and Amazon, just to name a few) will give you a certain percentage back. So you get paid to shop!  Similar to Ibotta, they are having a signup bonus right now! If you sign up using the link above, you will receive an additional $10 upon your first purchase! I mean, free money and you get additional money when you shop at your favorite stores? It will sure help when you are purchasing all of those wedding presents this summer! Bed, Bath and Beyond is currently giving 2% cash back!


Taylor has previously talked about this app in the past but it is an app that I use and love as well! It is pretty crazy how much you can save without thinking about it using the app! Last August I decided for our two year anniversary, I wanted to get my boyfriend something big. I was thinking about possibly saving for a vacation, so  I started saving using Qapital and ended up cash flowing a new tattoo!


Staying active and developing healthier habits have been goals of mine this year and Achievemint has been the best app for it. You download the app and connect it with your activity apps (Apple Health, Fitbit, etc) and earn points for doing daily healthy activities like drinking water, working out, and sleeping. Once you collect enough points you can turn them in for cash!


Those are five of my favorite apps that I am using almost every day to take the activities that I do anyways to earn or save money! I hope you are able save some money and if you have any favorite money saving apps, feel free to share them in the comments below!


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