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7 Mother’s Day Presents That Aren’t Flowers

I try so hard to be the person who gives gifts in a sincere and thoughtful way. A few years ago I actually considered starting a gift giving blog to post unique ideas on. In my opinion, anyone can send gift cards or a gift basket from Bath and Body Works; if you care about someone enough to spend money on them for an occasion, it’s always worth putting a little thought in it. And sometimes in the long run it ends up saving you money and giving you twice the reaction.

Mother’s Day is even easier because let’s be real, your mom/grandma/aunt/etc. will love whatever you get them. Even if it’s that hideous top you thought they’d like from Kohl’s that shows off their mom arms in- they’re going to wear it and act like it’s the greatest shirt they own. That’s one of the best parts about moms. Let’s try and get them something they won’t hate this year.

Custom Print

I’m a sucker for prints. I actually have a digital print shop on Etsy myself. These are always a safe bet. Even more so when you get the print, pick out a cute frame at Home Goods, and wrap it up. I like to choose prints that are customized, like this print from OneLittleChickadeeCo. Here’s another adorable one from Story People with a quote about moms on it.

Cooking Classes

Classes in general are always a good idea because you get to spend time with the mom in your life and make some delicious food while doing so. 


Mama Shirt

I’m the typical millennial and I can’t get enough of graphic tees with punny sayings on them. So you bet your sweet ass when my best friend got pregnant with her little one I bought her a baggy  ‘Mama bear’ shirt. There’s no shame here. HelloHandpressed has this top and many others.

Spa Day

Because who doesn’t want a massage and mani pedi anyway. Why not spend some quality time while getting pampered.


Custom Mug

I haven’t lived at home since high school, and after leaving college I haven’t lived in the same state as my mom/family since. I got a similar mug to BabyCakeLane’s last year for my mom as a gift so she could think of me every time she was sippin’ on some tea.


Like seeing a movie but way better. 


Custom Decor

I got my grandparent’s this plate a year or two back with all of their grandchildren’s name on it, and it’s still on display in their living room! I think this is such a cute, personal gift, and it includes the whole family. Buy it from Artismith here.

What is your go to gift for mother’s day? Do you stick to a card and flowers or jewelry? Does your family have any Mother’s Day traditions?



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  • Christine Keys

    I love the idea of a custom print. I’m always looking at them, but never actually purchase them for myself. 🙂

    • They’re perfect for any occasion! Thanks for reading.

  • Crystal Coffee D

    YES! YES! To the spa day!!!!!

  • A cooking class is such a great idea – my mom would totally love that!

    • My roommate took her mom to one at Sur La Table! Definitely recommend.

  • Martina Wilson

    Love these ideas! Love the shirt!

  • Megan Anne ❄️

    I’ve defiantly been thinking about taking my mom to some sort of cooking class because lord knows she’s burned enough things now that she could use them, and it’s kind of a win win for me to! 😉

    • Hope you had a great mothers day with your mom, Megan!

  • Stacey Eckert

    I feel the same way as you! My dad covers the flowers but I always plan the party for Mother’s Day. We always have a brunch with a theme + thoughtful gifts. Photo albums are one of my favorite personal gifts!

  • Brittany Steinkamp

    Any custom gift is great, but loving the cooking class idea too! What a good idea!