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“Fresh starts. Thanks to the calendar, they happen every year. Just set your watch to January. Our reward for surviving the holiday season, is a new year. Bringing on the great tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Put your past behind you, and start over. It’s hard to resist the chance at a new beginning. A chance to put the problems of last year to bed. Who gets to determine when the old ends, and the new begins? It’s not a day on a calendar, not a birthday, not a new year. It’s an event. Big or small. Something that changes us. Ideally, it gives us hope.” — Grey’s Anatomy

So it’s finally that time. Christmas has passed (thank god amiright), New Years is in view, and it’s time to start thinking about our New Year resolutions. It’s pretty easy to write a post about potential resolutions, as we all usually circle around the same few. Get a promotion/raise at work, lose that winter weight, stop smoking, or hell, maybe just stop drunk texting your ex after 2 glasses of wine on Friday night. Regardless of what you decide, we all know at the latest, March comes around and you forget what it was to begin with.

That being said, I want to write a different kind of post. The anti-resolution post, if you will. This is because I’m a believer that a new year has nothing to do with making yourself a better person. Come January first, the only solid difference is a 7 where a 6 should be (except maybe the POTUS but let’s avoid that topic completely). If you want to be better, it’s something you have to work on every single day simply because you want it. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t want it, why are you spending your time and energy on it? And if you really wanted it, you’d be doing it already.

Do you want to lose that extra ten pounds, or do you just want to be more confident in yourself? Do you want that raise, or should you just stop spending money on overpriced craft beer when, you know as well as I do, you like Blue Moon just the same? The only way to make a change is to actively make different decisions every day. After all, consistency is key.

So start today. Let this post be your “event.” Start December 29, 2016; hold yourself to a standard, not a resolution. Set your goals, make a plan, and become the best possible version of yourself. Take notes from the people around you who inspire you and light that fire within yourself.

I, personally, try to make decisions every single day that make me happy, and keep me healthy (mind, body and spirit). What is your anti-resolution? What do you plan on doing today to work towards a better you?

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