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In order to graduate from my Visual Communications program at Bowling Green State University, we were required to complete three different internships. Somehow (it’s still shocking to me) I got the opportunity to work full time with the digital design team at the National Hockey League in New York City. After the initial ‘holy shit’ wore off, it was time to figure out how I was going to afford living in New York for an entire summer. One of my closest friends at school, Sam, was from Clinton, New Jersey, and she and her family were kind enough to extend their beautiful home to me for the summer while I was working.

The Nehlsen’s became my family for the summer and I couldn’t have asked for more. We went to yoga and pilates together, explored the charming town of New Hope, PA, enjoyed nightly dinners, and had an absolute blast. During this time I was introduced to the brand Arbonne, as Sam’s mom Kerri sold the products. When she first told me about the company I assumed it was pyramid scheme-y. I was used to Mary Kay, ItWorks, Jamberry and Rodan + Fields all over my timeline; I wasn’t trying to get involved.

I came to find that Arbonne was completely different. Living in Jersey/New York was around the time that I began pushing towards a more natural and holistic way of life, and this was in huge parts due to Kerri. Arbonne products are botanically based and cruelty free, and abide by a strict ingredient policy. The company as a whole is constantly striving to meet the highest standards of ‘green’ and have been doing so long before it was considered trendy. I wanted to write a post showcasing my favorite Arbonne products (honestly and unbiased) as well as a few new ones Kerri has turned me onto.

Glow On Bronzer

Arbonne’s bronzer was the first product that I used. I had just moved to the east coast without a car and had run out of bronzer before my first day at the NHL (first world problems, I know). Sam let me borrow hers for a few days before we could run to a Sephora and I was hooked. I’m not much of a bronzer wearer; I usually only use it sparingly to contour. The glow on bronzer worked great for me because it lasted forever, and I could build it up regardless of how tan I was. The formula doesn’t feel heavy on my sensitive skin, and it wasn’t overly-sparkly like a lot of options out today.

Vanilla Protein Powder

My commute for this internship consisted of a bus ride from New Jersey into New York City every. single. day. I got dropped off at Port Authority and had to walk my Ohio born and raised ass through Times Square twice a day. Because my bus left so early I almost always started my day with a protein shake. It was quick, easy, and I could bring it on the go. Thus became my obsession with protein shakes. This protein powder is completely vegan and doesn’t contain soy or whey. Not to mention, it tastes incredible; and the bag is huge and lasts forever.

Energy Fizz Sticks

Now I’m bringing out the big guns. These fizz sticks are life changing and by far my favorite Arbonne product. They’re individually packaged and all you have to do is toss them in a water bottle and you’re good to go. They taste so good and genuinely give you energy throughout the day. I can skip my coffee when I use one of these with my morning water. If you’re going to try something off this list- this is my front runner.

Lemon Fit Chews

You don’t realize how convenient these little chews are until you run out of them. I made a habit of always keeping a few in my purse. My workload varied a lot at the NHL, so some days I was eating lunch at 11:30am and other days it got pushed until 3:30pm. When my stomach started to growl I’d just reach for one of these tasty babes and was set until I had time to eat.


FC5 Moisturizing Night Creme

Night cream has never been something I’ve been very particular about until now. I’ve always just moisturized with basic lotion throughout the day. This cream has made a huge difference in my skin, and it’s made me feel a lot better about waking up in the morning and going to work without wearing foundation.


Rescue and Renew Detox Scrub

Since I’m so ungodly pale, I’ve tried hard to at least make sure my skin is really well taken care of. Exfoliation is obviously a key part of that, and this scrub is becoming one of the most important products in my shower. It smells incredible, a little bit goes a long way, and my skin is noticeably softer.

Have you tried Arbonne before? What’re your favorite products?


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