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I’ve been procrastinating the launch of Meehandering like crazy. A few months back, I decided to take another plunge into the wonderful world of blogging. I started brainstorming potential post ideas, came up with a name (shout out to my clever friend Danielle!), bought a domain, and built a layout. Then life happened. The kind of life that would have made some really great content, if I’d been ready to write about it. Between traveling, weddings, and visitors I was forced to push my new baby to the back burner. That ends now. Why does it end now? Because I want to tell everyone about an incredible event I attended over the weekend. But first, let’s back up for a quick update on what’s new in my world and what brought me here.

The last time I graced the the blog world with my presence, I was living in Buffalo, New York interning for an awesome web design company. Having had enough of braving the cold of Western New York, I made a move to the DC area, working for a tasty east coast restaurant chain called The Greene Turtle for about a year. Nowadays I’m exploring the gorgeous city of Chicago, Illinois, proudly calling Lincoln Park home. I’m working as a designer at a mortgage bank in the up and coming West Loop neighborhood, and live with my roommate and our fur baby, Stevie Nicks. Now that we’ve made our way to the subject of my roommate, we can get to the point of this first official post.

Anyone who knows my roommate Julia knows that her work ethic, determination, and overall professionalism cannot be beat. The girl is a Fortune 500 CEO boss lady in a 23 year old account coordinator’s body. So back in February when she came home from work to tell me about her newest venture – joining an associates board dedicated to cancer research –  I was hardly surprised. In the months since, Julia has attended countless meetings, planned several successful events and became one of their Communication Committee Co-Chairs. For reference, I used that same time period to finish about 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (#TeamCristinaYang). After giving a few details about their upcoming event called the ‘Be a Hero’ Cocktail Reception, she suggested I buy a ticket and see what Gateway for Cancer Research was all about. Being personally connected to the fight against cancer and wanting to support my awesome roomie, I purchased a ticket and offered my help with any design needs they may have had while planning. After weeks of creating social media posts, a little signage, and a lot of hard work on the board’s part it was time for the event!

Photo Credit: Miss Motley Photography | www.missmotleyphotography.com

And boy, does the Gateway Associates Board know how to throw a cocktail reception. Held at the Sheraton Grand in downtown Chicago, the night consisted of a silent auction, appetizers, inspiring speakers, and an open bar (my personal favorite), all spent in the company of the kind of people who go out of their way to support an incredible cause. The roomie, our friend Lauren and I ended our night with a pair of Bears tickets, a month of wellness yoga, and a trip to Colorado. The real victory of the night, though, was the fact that over $60,000 was raised for cancer research. It only takes $16.56 to fund one day of a patient’s Gateway clinical trial, meaning this cocktail event raised over 3,500 days of treatment for cancer patients across the country. To learn more about Gateway and see how you can get involved, visit their website here. If you’d like to experience one of the board’s events for yourself, you’re in luck! Gateway Associates Board’s next event “Best Medicine”, including stand up comedy and some cocktails, will be held at the Laugh Out Loud Theater on Wednesday, November 30th from 7-10PM.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my ramblings!

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