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Being Pescetarian Has Its Perks

One of my first concerns when I officially decided to stop eating meat was how it would affect eating out with my friends. While I’m fortunate enough to live in a big foodie city with tons of different options, when I go home to visit my family in Toledo (the city of chain restaurants) it’s not always as easy. I never wanted to be that person who dictated where to eat based on diet restrictions.


While a sandwich shop is certainly not somewhere I would wander into for lunch, the other day I stopped into Potbelly Sandwich Shop with a friend, and after seeing a Wilco poster up on the wall- I decided to give it a chance. I realized how many options Potbelly has for non-meat eaters! Being pescetarian, I still include fish in my diet. I was so happy to see a tuna, hummus and veggie, and a grilled cheese option! Not to mention, their soups and smoothies are delicious. I ended up getting a Skinny Pair pick two combo, with a Melted Mushroom on multigrain bread and Broccoli Cheddar Soup. …Okay I got a banana smoothie too.

potbelly perks meehandering chicago

The best part about all of this? Potbelly has a new app that keeps me from waiting in a long lunch time rush hour line, and all I have to do is order ahead of time. This is actually one of my favorite features of the Starbucks app, because in a city like Chicago you never know what kind of wait is going to be awaiting you walking in to grab lunch. They even have profile options that let you choose to avoid gluten, dairy, nuts and meat. Best sandwich shop ever? I’d say so.

potbelly perks meehandering chicago

The Potbelly Perks app is also a rewards program, so if you’re a regular, prepare to be showered in Potbelly love. You even earn a free cookie for being one of the first to download the app. Are you hungry yet? Download the app here.


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  • This sounds like a great sandwich shop. I’m trying to do more fish and less meat as well. It can be challenge for sure when dining out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Taylor Meehan

      Thanks so much for reading, Ramona!

    • It’s delicious! Thanks for reading.

  • I loveeeee potbelly !

  • Amanda Kanashiro

    That sandwich shop sounds great. I have to have gluten free meals. Fortunately, in Miami, we have no shortage of options for a pescatarian. 🙂

    • Taylor Meehan

      I’ve lived on the east coast before and seafood is my weakness! I’m glad gluten free is (slowly) becoming something offered everywhere. Thanks for reading!

    • I definitely miss living on the east coast for it’s endless fish options. Thanks for reading!

  • Jada Durden

    I absolutely love potbelly. Anytime I am in the DMV area, Potbelly is my first stop. My son loves it too because he does a pescetarian diet every other month.

    • I used to live in Gaithersburg and always loved making a stop for Potbelly! Thanks for reading.