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Being Pescetarian Has Its Perks

One of my first concerns when I officially decided to stop eating meat was how it would affect eating out with my friends. While I’m fortunate enough to live in a big foodie city with tons of different options, when I go home to visit my family in Toledo (the city of chain restaurants) it’s not always as easy. I never wanted to be that person who dictated where to eat based on diet restrictions.   While a sandwich shop…

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For The Bowls

One of my favorite things to do Saturday mornings after working out is to make a smoothie bowl. These tend to get a bad rap because in reality, you are putting a smoothie in a bowl and eating it with a spoon (it’s ‘hipster nonsense’ as my friend Nick likes to call it). However, I like to think of them more as ‘breakfast soups.’ They’re exactly the light snack I need to still give me enough energy to get the…

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Meehandering the 312: Eats

I’ve decided to start a blog series “Meehandering the 312” to touch on all of the many places Chicago has to offer with incredibly broad (or oddly specific) recommendations. While I couldn’t begin to touch on all of the delicious food to eat here in Chicago, here’s just a few that come to mind when I’ve got a craving. So, if you want to know where to go in Chicago if…   You’re grabbing a nice meal with a bougie…

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