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Look Like A Pro: Resumes

One of the top requests I get as a graphic designer is resume design. As we start to move into a more technology-friendly age where everyone thinks they’re a designer, the typical Microsoft Word template is fading into the past. With online LinkedIn profiles becoming the norm, resumes are starting to transform into more of an identity piece than showing your skills and expertise. Being a graphic designer I’ve always put extra thought into the look of my resume, because…

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5 Budget Apps

I’ve written before about my Qapital app being my saving grace when it comes to putting away money mindlessly. It’s been a huge help with my finances and whenever I look at my account I’m always surprised at how much I actually had sitting in it without realizing. I’m not great with money and have always struggled to keep a tight budget, but after meeting my co-worker Celeste, she’s been a huge help with this! I’ve paired up with her…

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