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I’ve had a few people ask for a post regarding cruelty free makeup companies via my beauty posts. A lot of people who are new to the makeup world usually flock to brands like MAC when they decide to start purchasing quality makeup. I’ve always urged against this because it lies under Estee Lauder and is far from cruelty free. There are so many incredible brands that are higher quality and lower priced than MAC that do not test on animals.


While cruelty free lists are usually a google click away, I wanted to name a few of my favorites here. For an extensive list, Cruelty Free Kitty compiled an awesome resource here. And find out if some of your products are being tested on animals on this list here. Pretty crazy, right?


By no means am I perfect when it comes to using products that are cruelty free. I’m guilty of owning a dozen makeup and skincare products that show up on Cruelty Free Kitty’s lists (I’ve even listed them in previous posts); but the more educated you are, the more likely you are to make a different purchase the next time you need a new face wash or mascara. Maybe you’ve found a product that you just can’t part ways with that falls on this list. I think this is even more motivation to try and be more cruelty free with your other products.


Kat Von D

Plain and simple, Kat Von D is the bomb. Her products are absolutely incredible, reasonably priced, and she regularly fights for animal rights. I think this is one of the best options to turn to when looking for quality makeup; I’ve never used a product I didn’t love. I’m loyal to her foundation and eyeliner.



Becca is usually where I head when I’m looking for something higher end and classy. Their primers and highlighters are always in my makeup bag.


Urban Decay

Urban Decay is very similar to Kat Von D in terms of style, quality and price. Both brands tend to be very eccentric and bold. Everyone is familiar with the very popular Naked Palette; I personally use their concealer and setting spray.



I could own every one of Tarte’s eye shadow palettes and it still wouldn’t be enough. I adore their amazonian clay collection. I’m in the process of trying to find the perfect match for their concealer and switch it up.



I’m sure this one came as no surprise to anyone, but if I have a moment to promote Lush I always will. Bath bombs, face scrubs, sprays, what have you- I absolutely adore everything Lush has to offer.


Other brands I’ve used that I would also recommend: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hourglass, Too Faced, Charlotte Tilbury, Josie Maran, Buxom, Makeup Geek, Colour Pop, Glossier, Dose of Color, Well People

What’re you favorite vegan and cruelty free brands?




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  • Celeste Wright

    I love Tarte! It is one of my favorite brands for the very reason of them being cruelty free and also very pigmented.

  • Riva Treasure

    I use a few of these brands including Kat Von D and Anastasia, makes me feel a lot better and I will continue to support them! Thanks for sharing!

  • Halley Marie

    This is sooo good to know!! These brands just jumped to the top of my list!

  • Samantha Stout

    I have never intentionally looked for cruelty free makeup, but I am really excited to see that most of my favorite brands are on this list!

    • That’s great news! It’s a new practice of mine as well.