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So I could definitely write an entire post about habits I need to break. We all have things that we do that we wish we didn’t; it could be something as surface level as touching our face and causing breakouts or as deep as taking our anger out on those we love. But for every bad habit, chances are we can come up with a good one as well. Here’s a few habits I’d like to break, as well as some I’m okay with keeping.



Biting My Nails

I’m sure the majority of my readers can relate on this one. While I’ve tried to keep acrylic nails on to prevent this, it’s not worth the money or the maintenance. My no-chips usually last me about a week and my fingers are a mess again. I’ve been working to keep up with painting my own nails and hoping that newly manicured claws may deter me from biting.


Spending Money

I have the tendency to buy something here for $6 and something there for $20 and my brain doesn’t process it that I just spent $26. My small purchases always turn around and bite me in the ass when added up. It’s safe to say that we could all benefit from spending a little less money, but I personally am a big culprit.


Speaking without Intention

I’ve never been a big fan of small talk, but more often than not I find myself having a conversation that serves no purpose at all. This could be gossiping, whether malicious or not, or even just mindless chatter. I’m getting to a point where I’m recognizing friends that this happens most often with, and distancing myself. In turn, surrounding myself with people who ignite my mind and have meaningful and positive conversation.


Pushing people away

I’ve talked a little about my need to “soften my edges” per my mom’s advice. I have a tendency to run when commitment presents itself. I try to keep myself at an arm’s length from others in order to avoid getting close, being vulnerable, and potentially being hurt. I have great friends and pride myself on being very independent; and as of late I’ve been trying to shake the need to run when something scary comes along.



Drinking water

When I was in high school I decided to hop on the lent train (regardless of the fact that I’m not religious at all) and I gave up soda. I never looked back, and 25 year old Taylor is forever indebted to 16 year old Taylor. I rarely crave soda, and am always more than content drinking massive amounts of water.


Expressing Gratitude

I’m very familiar of the feeling of being unappreciated. In reflection of that, I try my very best to be vocal about anything and everything people do for me; because at the end of the day, they don’t have to. My best friend didn’t need to take a week off of work before her bachelorette party and fly across country to be with me for my mom’s funeral. My coworker didn’t need to treat me to coffee. Any act that isn’t directly benefiting someone, yet they do it anyway? It deserves gratitude.


Scheduling out free time

While I am the queen of overbooking myself, I always make sure I have a little time to breathe and when I do need to take a break- I take one. Life gets so overwhelming, and sometimes you need a day with zero responsibility to sit and watch Broad City with your cat while drinking some wine.


Loving unconditionally

One of the difficult parts about losing someone close to you is that even though you just want to remember the good times, the bad times show up too. Everyone has flaws, even when they pass and they’re not easy to think about. In having to go through that, I’ve become more understanding of the people in my life. You start to love a little harder and forgive a little easier, even when it’s hard.


What are some habits that you personally struggle to break? And in comparison, what are some habits that you’re proud of?

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