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Hakuna Asana


I don’t know about you, but this time of year always manages to be my busiest. Work goes from slow to swamped, freelance opportunities start popping up left and right, and out of nowhere I have all of these obligations (being an adult is fun!). I’m currently juggling work responsibilities, being a member of an associate’s board, taking coding classes online, trying to stay in shape, and everything else that comes along with being a 24 year old. I have just about the worst memory out there and always manage to forget at least one thingI need to do. In college I lived by my planner to get through classes, sorority events, and everything in between. Now that I don’t have the downtime I used to, I swear by Asana.

I was introduced to these tech-savvy to do lists by an former internship supervisor (Hey Jeseph and Queen City Media!) and the rest is history. I’ve used the software in every position I’ve held since then. From being a Design Intern at QCM, to Graphic Designer at The Greene Turtle, and even now with my entire marketing department at The Federal Savings Bank; I’ve taken Asana with me.

Not only is the browser version very desktop friendly, but the app makes it easy to check out where I’m at on the go. You can add task descriptions, due dates, project categories, and prioritize them in any way you see fit. My team and I use the functionalities of being able to assign tasks to each other when we need something, and comment regarding the status of the project (ie. waiting for approval, called to follow up).

What different ways do you stay organized and focused? Do you have any apps that keep you up to date on your day to day?

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