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Hangover Cures

When I was in college, any older friend of mine would always warn me that once college was over, I wouldn’t be able to bounce back from drinking so easily. Bowling Green was a pretty big party school and it wasn’t unlikely that 5 out of the 7 days of the week we would end our night at a bar. And sure enough, we’d pop up the next morning and go to class, grocery shop, or start drinking all over again; no harm done.

25 was a big wakeup call. Not to say that my body hasn’t been slowly warning me that it’s not into more than 3 IPAs at a time; I just didn’t realize it would be such a huge difference so quickly. I have friends who go out Thursday-Sunday and on Monday morning are up and ready for a productive day of work with no problems. I envy those people. Aside from when I’m traveling, when I’m home in Chicago you’ll be lucky to catch me at a bar one day a week. And every time you do, you can guess that I’m going to be in bed the entire next day, regardless of how careful I was the night before.

What do I do when it’s 2PM, my head is still throbbing and I feel as if I want to rip my stomach out of my body entirely? There are some days that chugging water just won’t do it. Here’s a few of my tricks for helping my hangovers.


Essential Oils

There’s nothing worse than waking up after drinking in a stuffy room that smells like bad decisions and your drunken food from the night before. Not to mention when you have an awful headache. I don’t take ibuprofen (or own any) so I just put a little wild orange, peppermint, lavender and lemon and it makes all the difference.

Junk Food

On Sundays I wake up in one of two moods. One: There’s no way I’m eating anything today or two: I need to eat virtually everything in sight. When number two is the winner (which is ideal), Julia and I always snuggle up in her bed and order postmates. It usually consists of Panera or Chipotle, and it’s a sure way to make us feel 75% better at the least.

Ginger Ale & Pedialyte

When I wake up in mood number one and rehydrating via water isn’t helping the cause, I turn to ginger ale and Pedialyte. Ginger ale helps me to not spend my entire day hugging the toilet, and Pedialyte helps me to feel like a human again. You heard it here first.

Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. My remedies are usually Friends or Golden Girls (you really can’t go wrong with either). But sometimes I treat myself with a rom com or two. One really terrible day I watch The OA for the third time in it’s entirety without leaving my room. Stevie Nicks was pleased.

Soft Blanket

No bed is complete without a really soft blanket, but I think it really amps up the hangover recovery mode. I got one as a gift from my grandma a few Christmases ago similar to this one here and it’s my saving grace. I can’t sleep without touching it most nights.

An animal

While I think animals are a cure for every bad thing to happen ever, there’s nothing that makes you feel like less of a piece of shit than a snuggly animal by your side aiding your misery. Stevie is already one of the most affectionate cats to walk the planet, but she senses when I’m not feeling well and takes it up a notch.


Last but not least, I usually end up sleeping all day when I’m hungover and in turn, when it’s actually time for bed I’m wide awake. I steep a little chamomile tea and sip on it in bed until I’m feeling sleepy.


Are you guilty of awful hangovers or are you lucky enough to bounce right back after throwing a few back? What’s your go to hangover cure?


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