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Holiday Fitness for Everyone

Everyone knows how difficult it is to stay away from grandma’s meatloaf when the holidays roll around. If you’re anything like me, it’s usually easier to stuff my face with the closest hors d’oeuvres than to talk to my great aunt about the bargain she found at Walmart last week. Luckily, I’ve got a few tips that’ll keep you active this holiday season.

1. Dodge your family’s question’s about whether or not you’re seeing anyone.


2. Jump at any opportunity to refill your spiked egg nog.


3. Get a good arm workout in by always having a full glass of red wine in your hand. For extra difficulty, have one in EACH hand!


4. Lunge into any and every conversation about your former classmate who posted a racist status on Facebook a few days ago.


5. Stretch the truth about how much you actually enjoy your job.


6. Put your bourbon in the highest cupboard in the house…reach often!


7. Rebound by texting your high school boyfriend at 3am after a night out at the bars.


8. Swipe your credit card every time you find something you don’t need on sale for the holiday.


9. Rather than inhaling food, binge watch ‘Love, Actually’ and ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’


10. Workout your abs by laughing hysterically at how miserable your life actually is.



Extra Tip for my Chicago transplants: Roll your eyes every time someone mentions that article they saw about crime in the Southside  (as they proceed to ask how close you live to it).



If all else fails, stick to wearing leggings and big cozy sweaters and no one will even notice the few extra pounds you put on from pure laziness, overeating, and stress. Have any strategies for keeping thin this holiday season? Comment below!

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