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Jackets for Spring

It’s undeniable that fall is the best season for fashion. Dark colors and layers are amuck and it’s my own personal heaven. However, I believe spring is a close second. Some days you can layer, some days you can wear close to nothing and it’s perfect acceptable. But because of my layering obsession, I find spring fashion to be enticing because you can mix and match styles effortlessly. The best way to do this? With jackets.


Green Army Jacket

At any given point during my college career, at least 3 times a week you’d see me in my green army jacket. I haven’t grown out of this in the slightest and I love that these are still a staple. Throw a few patches and unnecessary pockets and I’m sold.


Denim Jacket

The 90s are back and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve had the same denim jacket since college but they didn’t really start coming back into the ‘trendy’ atmosphere until recently. The best part about denim jackets is the ability to dress down any outfit without making you look like a scrub. The more ears, pins, embroidery, patches- the better.



Leather Jacket

The leather jacket will never cease to be a must have in anyone’s closet. You can wear these with virtually anything and it makes an outfit 100x more badass. Pair it with some aviators and you’re looking like you just walked out of Charming (yes I just referenced Sons of Anarchy.)



Suede Jacket

I recently left my most prized jacket at a bar and I’ve been heartbroken ever since. It’s so difficult to find a perfect high quality suede jacket in just the right color, so when you do- cherish it forever. *sobs*


What’re your favorite spring jackets? Do you have a trench or bomber you can’t get enough of?

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  • kiki

    thank you for these tips and inspo! i love what a jacket can do for an outfit. I love my ‘army’ jacket – I’m really wanting a leather jacket in my warerobe – so versatile, thanks for the suggestions!

    • Thanks so much for reading, Kiki! And happy leather jacket hunting!

  • Annette Dattilo

    Yes I lover layering with lightweight outerwear. Your selections are perfect. I have been loving my denim trench lately!

    • Thanks Annette! I need to get my hands on a denim trench!

  • Stephanie | vimandvigor

    yes! lets not discount all the jackets for spring. love all the styles you picked. pinning!

  • Brittany Daoud

    Ooh I love that suede jacket! I definitely need that and a denim one!

  • Lauren

    All these picks are sooooooooo good! I’m so into the suede moto jacket and jean jacket right now too!


    • Just ordered a new jean jacket myself! Thanks for reading, Lauren!

  • I’m seeing moto jackets everywhere! Not that they are ever out of style. 🙂