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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Leggings

Welcome to what may or may not be the most basic blog post of all time. I’m here to talk about a very serious matter, and that matter is leggings. Any #basic girl living in the year 2016 knows that loungewear is not something to be taken lightly. Ever since the world became a better place, and (despite Blair Waldorf’s wishes) tights became pants, women’s lives have forever been changed for the better. But in this modern day with so many different options how does one choose which leggings are the perfect leggings? I’m here to give you the insight you need to stay cozy in any setting.

Beyond Yoga: I wanted to begin with my favorite first, so lazy readers need look no further. The Beyond Yoga “Take Me Higher” leggings are my every day go-to leggings. I randomly found them on a Kourtney Kardashian app post (judge away, people.) and have been in love ever since. Pros: They are seriously high-waisted, and for someone who has a torso as long as the list of failed Cleveland Browns quarterbacks, this comes in handy. They’re crazy soft and extra stretchy, and at a whopping $10 less than Lululemon ($88) I’m not ashamed to say I have 3 pair. Cons: They pill like crazy, but I blame my thunder thighs for that. Buy them!


Lululemon: Everyone knew this was coming eventually, but you’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. Lululemon is no stranger to the leggings game, which is why their contribution will run you $98 a pop. Pros: You can wear these all day long (for some of us, all week long) and they stay as tight as when you first got them. I still have my original pair of the “High Times Pant” that I bought in 2012. They’re a little lower on the waist than Beyond Yoga’s, but for the average height that works just fine. I absolutely love this style in the herringbone pattern. Pros: These pill in probably twice the time of the Beyond Yogas, and are reversible depending on where you want the logo. Cons: You can wear these all day long and they still stay as tight as you first got them. After first (and second) lunch at work, the last thing I feel like sitting at my desk in is a pair of slightly-too-tight leggings. Skinny girls need not apply. Buy them!


Zella: And now for my girls who are rolling their eyes at the fact that anyone would spend that kind of money on a pair of leggings I haven’t forgotten about you. Allow me to  introduce you to one of the best deals at Nordstrom (who knew there were deals at Nordstrom?): The Zella “Live In Leggings” are coming in hot at $52! Equally as cozy as Beyond Yoga at almost half the price as Lululemon. Pros: The big upside of these is the length. A lot of times being 5’9 leaves most of my leggings looking quarter-length, but these keep my legs long and covered! Cons: At the end of the day you get what you pay for. While these may last longer than your Buy One Get Ones at Forever 21, after about a year you’re going to want to replace them. Buy them!

My go-to legging style is usually plain black and cozy…but I’d love to hear what your favorite brands and styles are! As always, thanks for reading!

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  • Samantha Gill

    I’ve actually discovered that Aerie has great leggings! I haven’t tried their "active" line yet, but their black high-waisted leggings are my go-tos. They’re cheap ($30!) and super high waisted. (I, also, have what I lovingly refer to as an alienishly-long torso, so I feel your pain there!)

    • Taylor Meehan

      I will absolutely have to check these out, thanks for the recommendation!