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Long Distance Friendships

There’s a lot of different opinions on the worst parts of growing up. Some may say it’s your metabolism slowing down on you. Other’s say it’s everyone getting married and having kids. I personally would deal with packing on 50 pounds and being the only single person in my group of friends, if I could just have all of my close friends in the same city as me.

I seriously believe the hardest part of growing up is moving away from your close friends. And the worst part is that it’s completely inevitable. One day you live a block away from each other in your college town. Then people graduate, get jobs, get married, and the next thing you know you’re having to factor time difference into your phone calls with your best friends. I’m lucky to have large groups of friends who stayed in Ohio, and every time I visit I get to see them all at once. But flights are expensive, a weekend is never really enough, and I always leave wishing I could spend a little more time with them.

While I love the family I’ve formed here in Chicago and wouldn’t trade my friendships for the world; there’s nothing like the people who have been around 6+ years and stuck by your side. With best friends in Los Angeles, New York, Michigan, Ohio, etc. I’ve done my fair share of long distance friendshipping- here’s a few tips I think help make the distance seem a little less far away.

Group Chat

This is such an easy way to keep in the loop with friends. I have a few different group chats, some more active than others. And even though I’m not the greatest texter in the world I always feel more connected to my girlfriends when we can all chat at once.

Girls Trips

Not everyone can afford to travel monthly, and not everyone has access to a car or is a close enough drive. I think planning ahead an annual (or bi-annual) girls trip is always a great idea. A few girlfriends and I went to New York City a few years back just the four of us and had an absolute blast.


Facetime is my favorite invention of all time. I facetime more than I call or text. Even when just running an errand, I like to take “walks” with my friend Danielle in Cleveland and show her my route and catch up. Although it’s not the same thing, it’s so much better being able to see your friends on your phone even if you can’t see them in person.


For the last few years I have been such a sucker for greeting cards. After moving to Maryland I wanted a thoughtful way to keep in touch and send birthday and holiday wishes. I downloaded Ink Cards and it has made it so much easier. I use photos from my phone and all of their designs are so cute (graphic designer approved). While I’m still a sucker for Papyrus cards, Ink is so much cheaper, and there’s no need for stamps! Use my link here and get your first card for free.


Yep, millennial over here praising and recommending Snapchat. In this day and age it’s pretty annoying that everyone is always “on.” While I hate the 24/7 availability of technology currently, it really does come in handy when you have far away friends. I love seeing what my friends are up to (and sending drunken ‘I miss you’ videos).

How do you cope with keeping in touch with far away friends? How often do you travel to see your besties?

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  • I have a few long distance friendships. They mean the world to me, and when you have that connection the distance doesn’t matter! We stay connected via social media amongst other things 🙂

  • Amanda

    I definitely agree with these ideas for long distance! It’s so great that technology is around to be able to actually “see” people when you can’t physically be there to hang out!

  • Kim

    I love these ideas and this post overall. Growing up in Dubai I quickly had to get used to the fact that most of my friends would only be around for 3 – 7 years because at some point their parents work would take them elsewhere. I now have friends flung in every corner of the world and keeping up isn’t always easy. Thank you for a blog post that is so relatable.

    • Kim, I’ve always wanted to see Dubai! Thanks for reading.