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Look Like A Pro: Resumes

One of the top requests I get as a graphic designer is resume design. As we start to move into a more technology-friendly age where everyone thinks they’re a designer, the typical Microsoft Word template is fading into the past. With online LinkedIn profiles becoming the norm, resumes are starting to transform into more of an identity piece than showing your skills and expertise. Being a graphic designer I’ve always put extra thought into the look of my resume, because I can’t imagine a company being interested in a graphic designer with an ugly resume.


As I start to get more and more freelance projects, my spare time gets eaten up pretty quickly, and doing free resumes for friends and family becomes impossible. And at this point in my career, pretty much every design project comes with a price tag. However, in an attempt to not leave potential clients in the dust, I always make a few recommendations with a smaller price point but with more editable capabilities. Many designers create generic resume templates for purchase, in which you can just buy, download, and customize to your preferences. Some even make them available to download for free (which in my opinion, is pretty awesome). Here’s a few resources for resumes that won’t break the bank, but will have you looking professional in no time.



Creative Market

Creative Market is my go to for pretty much all things design. It’s a one stop shop for photos, graphics, fonts, even the website layout you’re looking at right now. Their resume selection is awesome and crazy affordable; and even if you don’t have the adobe suite many options come with a Microsoft Word version. Here’s a UX Group clean looking template here for only $12.



Graphic River/Envato Market

Pretty much the exact same thing as Creative Market. It’s not my go to simply because I prefer Creative Market’s interface, but it still functions the same way. Here’s another clean layout for $7 from Createart here.



I’ve been so impressed with Etsy’s move into the digital game this year. I’m finding myself heading over to Etsy to look for clipart and graphics all the time. While I have a digital print shop, I never thought they would expand so much in aid for my work as a designer. Here’s a gorgeous and very detailed 5 page template from The Resume Boutique.



Behance is my favorite website to showcase my design work. It’s actually where my portfolio lives. Designers are constantly offering free downloads and resumes are always in this bunch. All that you need to give them in return? A thumbs up! Here’s a sleek design from Fernando Báez’s Behance.

Have you made the switch over from Microsoft Word for your resume yet? What design is your personal favorite?


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  • Chris Algarin

    Wow! I have really been looking to update my resume, thanks for the inspiration!!