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A Love Letter to Chicago


Dear Chicago,

In three days it will mark the one year anniversary of calling you mine. It felt appropriate to put into words the love affair that has occurred over the past year of my life. Here’s just a few reasons I love you so.

I love that you took me in when I needed you most.

I love the you made me feel loved when it seemed like I wasn’t capable of loving myself.

I love that you made me feel like I belonged, though I was incredibly unfamiliar.

I love the people you brought into my life, whether by chance or grand design.

I love you for being big enough to wander, but small enough to feel like home.

I love that everyday I’m with you my blessings are abundant and obvious.

I love that I’m constantly finding new things to love about you.

I love that you understand me and my passions, and feed my need for them regularly.

I love that you push me to dream big, and go after anything and everything I can fathom.

I love that even living here after a year, on my worst day, I look up at your skyline and I feel relief.

But on a lighter note.

I love you for your flaws …even the Bears.

I love that at any given moment you’re waiting for me… with a chili cheese dog.

I love that you understand what’s truly important in life…. brunch and bars that are open until 4am.

I love that you waited….for me to move here to win a world series (now if you could just make Kris Bryant single again.)

I love you, Chicago. Forever.


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