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Meehandering the 312: Bars

We’re back with another of “Meehandering the 312” and this time it’s all about bars! These were pretty hard to compile because there’s so many options in the city. I love sticking around my place in Lincoln Park and usually avoid going out downtown/Wrigley, but tried my best to include a few different neighborhoods!


You enjoy live music and a fun crowd: Kingston Mines

You need a wine night with the girls: DOC Wine Bar

You’re not ready to go home at bar close: Big City Tap

You just want to see a turtle race: Big Joe’s


You want a grown up Chuck E. Cheese but not quite Dave and Busters: Headquarters

You’re reminiscing on college bars and beer prices: Hook and Ladder

You want to go out downtown but avoid the club scene: Stout

You want to go out downtown and love country music: Old Crow


You like 90’s music and photo booths: Hopsmith

You like heavy metal and great beer selections: Local Option

You’re into dive bars that you don’t need a tetanus shot to hangout at: Burwood Tap

Honorable Mentions: Maproom, Billy Goat, Boss Bar, The Hideout, Easy Bar, The Violet Hour, Benchmark, El Hefe, Flat Iron, Steakbar

What’re your favorite Chicago Bars?

*Photos are not my own


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