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Meehandering the 312: Eats

I’ve decided to start a blog series “Meehandering the 312” to touch on all of the many places Chicago has to offer with incredibly broad (or oddly specific) recommendations. While I couldn’t begin to touch on all of the delicious food to eat here in Chicago, here’s just a few that come to mind when I’ve got a craving.

So, if you want to know where to go in Chicago if…


You’re grabbing a nice meal with a bougie out of town friend: The Allis

You want to watch the game but don’t want bad bar food: Derby

You want to watch the game but don’t care about good food/service: State

You’re craving a healthy meal and would spend $7 on avocado toast: Harvest Juicery

You’re feeling under the weather: Soupbox

You want good pizza that’s not deep dish (because deep dish is overrated): Parlor


You don’t care so much about the food as much as having something to post on Instagram: Hampton Social

You put on a cute outfit and want a trendy dinner to match: Longman and Eagle

You want some fried chicken that will change your life: (tie) Gus’s, Roost

You just really want a cupcake: Mandy B’s

When you want fried chicken…but also a donut. You want fried chicken, on a donut: Do-Rite Donuts

You want a Michelin star meal but a midwestern menu: Blackbird


Honorable Mentions: Mahalo, Big Star, Little Goat Diner, White Oak Tavern, Au Cheval, Duck Duck Goat, Butcher and the Burger


*Photos are not my own


What are your Chicago favorites? I live in Lincoln Park and work in the West Loop and tend to flock around those areas. What neighborhoods do you head to for the best local eats?

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