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Meehandering the 312: Summer

There’s no arguing that nothing beats Chicago in the summer. You very rarely get the overly-hot, don’t want to leave my air conditioning days. Everyone is out and about and in a great mood. The lake is beautiful and the parks are green. Here’s a few of my favorite things to do to soak up the beautiful Chicago summer.


You want a little west coast in the midwest: North Avenue Beach

You want a fun workout to do with friends (or solo): Kayaking

You got a little beach drunk and now you need some nachos: Castaways

You’re into eating organic and shopping local: Green City Market

You’re trying to get a little day drunk, boujie day drunk: J. Parker

You want a great date night idea that isn’t cliche (unless you count The Wedding Planner): Park Movie

You want to explore the city in the fresh air: Divvy Bikes

You don’t mind getting a little touristy with it: Architecture Boat Tour

You love food, music, beer, and people: Street Festivals

Relive your childhood for free: Lincoln Park Zoo


*photos are not my own

What are your favorite spots in Chicago during the Summer?

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