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Meehandering the 312: Joy District

Last week I attended the unveiling of Chef Matthew Wilde’s new spring/summer asian fusion menu at Joy District with my good friend (and incredible photographer) Kailey. Joy District is a great Chicago spot overall. Its multifaceted in that you can stop in for weekend brunch, go out late on a Friday, or grab dinner during the week with a friend.


This new menu is absolutely to die for. Kailey and I both have restrictive diets and we were at no loss at all. I’m a sucker for seafood, which is part of the reason I haven’t taken the next steps from pescetarian to full blown vegetarian just yet.

While I’m usually an IPA or whiskey ginger girl, this cocktail menu reeled me in. Kailey and I both ended up having the bubbles de fleur; prosecco, hibiscus syrup, and an EDIBLE HIBISCUS FLOWER…in the drink! A few of these in combination with some absolutely delicious coconut sake, I was sold. Meet your newest cocktail fan.

For dinner, we started out with the spanish octopus tacos and smoked hamachi crudo. The tacos easily were enough to order for a main course of a meal, and split between two they were the perfect appetizer. However, I’ve got to say the crudo was my favorite part of the meal. The different textures were perfect together and the presentation wasn’t too shabby either. Remind me in a decade or two that this is what I want for my last meal in prison.

We decided on the lobster wagyu roll next. I’m usually a ride-or-die eel girl when it comes to sushi, but I was not disappointed with this dish. It was nice and light, bite sized, and another perfect ‘split between two’ plate.

For our entrees we both ended up getting the sake poached salmon. It was essentially salmon pho…and damnit do I love pho. We got a side of cast iron seared green beans, and they easily were the best green beans I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot of green beans in this life, guys).

Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, we got Joy’s mochi trio with mango, green tea, and strawberry mochi for dessert. I used to have green tea mochi in my freezer from Trader Joe’s at all times and I scarfed this down way faster than I’d like to admit.

To say our expectations were exceeded is an understatement. I’m so looking forward to a summer full of hamachi crudo on Joy District’s rooftop. Bring on the sunny weather and bubbles de fleur!

Have you gotten a chance to check out Joy’s new menu? What cocktail are you most excited to sip on this summer?


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