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Muse Monday Vol. 12


My trusty (and pretty brand new) iPhone 6 plus turned on me last week. Storage has always been a problem for me, despite regularly deleting pictures and not having a lot of apps. With the new software update glaring at me, I knew it was time to bump up my storage. I bought some extra iCloud storage thinking it would make a difference, and all it did was make my phone even more of a mess (if that’s possible.) I was $60 from being paid off on my current phone via the Verizon edge plan, so I paid that off and upgraded to a 7 plus with more storage. I decided on the all black matte style to switch things up from the gold. To keep my phone black like my soul, I got this black clear case and finally made the leap for the moon popsocket! I’m in love.


Alright, this is more of a listen than a watch but a music video came with it and here we are. I’ve stuck by my girl Miley through thick and thin. I was so disappointed by her Dead Petz album, but I’m so excited to see what her new album involves. If it mirrors “Malibu” at all, I’ll be a happy girl. Welcome back, Miley!



If you haven’t noticed, I’m kookoo bananas about skincare. Here’s 7 easy habits for healthier skin.

The sure fire way to stress me out is a cluttered inbox. Here’s 3 Gmail hacks that will change your life from The Golden Girl.

Wit and Delight is slowly becoming one of my favorite blogs to frequent. Here’s an awesome article about Jealousy, Enemies, and Good Karma.

Julia and I are lucky enough to have an easy to manage, updated and easily decorated bathroom. However, I’m always wishing I had a clawfoot tub to curl up in. Here’s 10+ bathroom makeovers from Classy Clutter.


Need to Eat:

It’s safe to say everyone loves italian food. Why not try a vegan version of your favorite pasta? Here’s a Vegan Skillet Lasagna with homemade almond ricotta from The First Mess.

Lusting Over:


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