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Muse Monday Vol. 13

First, I’d just like to say thank you so much to everyone who has reached out in regards to my mom, and everyone who was able to attend the showing 2 weeks ago. My mom’s passing has been a rough time on my family and I, but the love and support that has been shown to us truly cannot be beat. We are very blessed.

Because of my I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You For Always post, I held off on last Monday’s Muse Monday. However, I had some pretty cool content to share with you guys and decided to recycle it for this week.


If you saw my snapchat two weeks back, you already witnessed the excitement/half mental breakdown I had while opening gifts a few of my friends sent me before my mom passed. Being 5 hours away here in Chicago has been rough, but I truly have the most incredible support system I could possibly ask for. Some of my closest friends sent me a surprise pick me up and I couldn’t not share. How cute is this rhino vase and air plants? I’m obsessed. And the cutest energy clearing kit ever. Bravo Mel, Molly, and Natalie- you get me.


ON TOP OF THAT, I recently helped a close girlfriend with some collateral for an ethically sourced, sustainable boutique she’s in the beginning stages of opening (can you say girl boss?) She sent me the cutest gift box I’ve ever seen from Bon Vivant. The #Goals gift box came with ANOTHER airplant (seriously what are the chances), a gorgeous planner from one of my favorites Rifle Co., 2 writing pens that seriously glide like a dream, and most importantly- dark chocolate. Do I have the best friends? I think I do.


As of late I’ve been trying extra hard to keep my mental wellness my top concern. I love mindbodygreen’s sharing of ‘Amma’ of Embracing the World’s 10 quotes that will awaken your spiritual side.

After traveling continuously for the past few months, I’m happy that my butt is planted back in Chicago (for now) and I can finally get back to cooking my own meals. Here’s 7 recipe ideas for every day of the week that I’ve definitely been using for inspiration.

Nothing is better than reading, but reading and potentially helping your anxiety? Count me in. Here’s Career Girl Daily’s 4 books you need to read when you’re stressed.

Alright, yes, Chicago’s weather has been up and down the past week. But for when the windy city decides to grace us with temps in the 80’s, Chicago Eater’s got the best italian ice in Chi.

Need to eat:

Love & Lemons has done it again. Because seriously who doesn’t want tacos for breakfast?


Lusting over:



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