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Muse Monday Vol. 15


Last week I had the absolutely humbling experience of bringing my mom’s ashes to Galway, Ireland. For those who know me, you’re aware that being Irish is something I’m very proud of; and I definitely got that from my mom. For Christmas 2 years ago my stepdad bought an all inclusive trip to Ireland for her, scheduled to leave in the beginning of the Summer 2015. In April, my mom was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her spine, kidney, liver, and brain. Rather than taking the trip, she decided to refund the money in case of any difficulties regarding medical bills, treatment, etc. While the beginning of her battle wasn’t particularly taxing on her, she didn’t get out of Toledo often at all, and definitely wasn’t going to be able to sit on a plane traveling overseas.

She had asked to be cremated and I had been struggling to figure out what I wanted to do with her ashes when she passed. I move around a lot and live in a very small Chicago apartment; and to say I lose things often is an understatement. An urn just wasn’t my top choice and isn’t realistic with my lifestyle. Part of her ashes will be buried with my Papa at a beautiful cemetery in Toledo right next to a big pond where we grew up feeding the fish/ducks. I figured I’d always have that place to come back to and visit her. So once my mom was checked into hospice, I decided that she finally deserved her trip to Ireland. While this trip was very personal to me, I wanted to thank everyone who made it possible. Those who helped with flights, recommendations, and all the planning that went into it; you are a gift.


Now that the sap train has come to a hault, onto the fun stuff. My favorite ‘47 brand all-black cubs hat has been getting so much wear this past year. I decided to treat myself to a new cubbies hat finally, and stuck with my ride or die brand once again. As you can tell, I really switched things up this time. I’m in love.

I’ve been following Wholesome Culture for awhile now on Instagram and while I’m not vegan, their products are so cute. When I saw this ‘Eat More Fruits’ shirt was on sale and they were having a promotion, I had to splurge. I actually had to.


For all my astrology following angels out there, here’s your June horoscope from Man Repeller. When Aries Met Sally? A delight of a month? Let’s hope you’re right, Man Repeller.

Going off of my incredible Ireland trip and making it to Cleveland TWO weekends this month, here’s 10 trips to take before you’re 30. I’ve still got 5 years!

I have a ton of shit. A ton of shit that doesn’t always fit well in my tiny Chicago apartment (sorry again, Julia). While I would love to move towards a more minimalistic way of living, it’s more than just a matter of physical possessions. Read more about it here.

I’m always lacking when it comes to fashion on Meehandering, and have been meaning to get a few more outfit posts on here for you! In the meantime, Paper and Stitch absolutely nails this gorgeous Miami Style Summer Outfit. Take my credit card.


Need to Eat:

I’m not one for sweets but if it’s got bananas in it, I’ll eat it. Check out Crazy for Crust’s No Bake Banana Dream Dessert. I’m drooling.


Lusting Over:



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