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Muse Monday Vol. 16

It’s official- the busiest month of my life is almost over. I can smell the finish line, guys


This weekend I had the honor of standing up next to my best friend as she married the love of her life in Cleveland. After putting my blood, sweat, and tears into the DeVore wedding, it was so bittersweet to finally see it before my eyes.

The wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful, and the reception was more fun than any wedding you’ve been to (I promise). And while it’s a big bummer that the weekend is officially over and we’re all back to our lives, I’m so excited to see what the first year of marriage holds for the DeVore’s. Congratulations, Ally and Kevin- I love you guys.


Although my gift to the bride were personally designed invitations and being her own personal wedding planner whenever she needed me, the maid of honor and I still wanted to get her a little something for the big day.

Studies have shown that the side effects of gratitude are plentiful. I’ve been looking into a gratitude journal myself, and came across 52 List Project for Happiness at Anthropologie while looking for a card. Sprouted from the original 52 List Project, this journal takes just a little bit of time once a week and asks you to reflect on a gamut of different things. And what better way to document your first year of marriage than writing down all of the things that make you happy and your life full.

You definitely don’t need a fancy book to start a gratitude journal, it’s as easy as a notebook from the store. Here’s a few other options.



If for some odd reason you haven’t heard the new Lorde album yet, let me help you. You’re welcome.



I’m a sucker for interior design, and nothing is as satisfying as a great before and after.

After the month from hell and flying by the seat of my pants all June, I really needed Career Girl Daily’s guide to how to get your shit together this month.

This is probably one of my favorite articles I’ve read in a long time: 3 older women spreading a little wisdom on aging.  “As long as you have enough money to pay your rent and buy food, don’t worry about anything.” Well, I think I’m doing good then, guys.

Here’s 25 Thirty second ways to have a healthier morning, that’s all it takes.

Danielle Moss is one of my favorite bloggers who I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting. She gives some great advice here on what to do when you’re stuck in a rut.


Need to Eat:

It doesn’t count as pizza if it has a salad on it right? Check out Pinch of Yum’s Chopped Salad Za here.


Lusting Over:

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