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Muse Monday Vol. 17


This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Dead and Company for the second time at none other than Wrigley Field. The first time I saw this concert I had been given free suite tickets and wasn’t particularly familiar with Grateful Dead’s music (I wouldn’t call myself much of a John Mayer fan either). That definitely changed post Dead and Co. at the Verizon Center. If you ever get an opportunity to see one of their shows, I highly recommend. My Saturday was full of great music, great company (hi Kim!) and lots of beers. Hope yours was as fun filled! For the fourth of July I’ll be relaxing with my parents and their new dog in Grand Rapids.


One of my very favorite stores in Chicago is right off my L exit at Armitage. Art Effect has absolutely everything you can imagine, and it’s usually a bad idea that I go anywhere near it. I headed in (reluctantly) to grab a birthday gift for a friend of mine and ended up walking out with my favorite candle and an adorable new ring holder. YES, I got my friend a birthday gift too. What kind of monster do you think I am? 😉

Capri Blue’s Volcano candle is a classic. It’s quite a splurge ($28 for a damn candle) and I very rarely have one handy in my house; but when I do, I usually scoop any leftover wax when the wick is done and put it into a wax melter. Seriously my favorite candle of all time.

At all times you can probably assume I have a minimum of six rings on. They’re my babies and I feel completely naked without them, but I hate wearing them when I’m sleeping. The birthday suit + jewelry makes my bed (also known as cloud nine) a little less pure. I saw this Ancient Mystics ring holder and instantly decided my rings need a new home to sleep in.



My fitness level has been put to the back burner this summer, so Wit and Delight’s lazy girl guide to staying healthy this summer had some great tips that have come in handy.

Not familiar with witch hazel? Here’s ten ways to use it.

I’m an annual Divvy bike user and I was so excited when they announced four new food-themed bikes. Fingers crossed I find one out in the 312.

Honestly? I just resonated so hard with this article’s title. Because we all need to know what to do when we’re literally feeling ‘blah’ about everything.


Need to Eat:

Here I am, trying to incorporate some recipes with meat for you guys. Baker by Nature is incredible and this 20-Minute Chicken Bruschetta Quinoa Salad looks absolutely delicious.


Lusting Over:



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