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Muse Monday Vol. 18

I’ve taken a break the past 2 weeks from Muse Monday just to bring my attention back to myself, my overall well-being, and my intentions with Meehandering. I never wanted this to be something that I was writing just for the sake of publishing a post, and I don’t want to be reaching for content that’s not there. Most importantly- I definitely don’t want to end up wearing myself too thin. Meehandering is my creative outlet and my side hustle; but my full-time and freelance jobs, my friends and family, and my health will always come first. I’m thankful for those who stick around and keep reading regardless of consistency! (I’m also thankful for the ability to schedule posts ahead of time so I didn’t totally leave you guys hanging).


So as much as I would like to expose how much of a shopaholic I am (which I’m sure you’ve seen from my weekly buy sections on Muse Monday) I’m going to just stick to my very recent purchases in this week’s Muse.

I have been eyeing Free People’s Mont Blanc sandals for months now. And apparently so has everyone else because they’re selling out despite Free People refusing to discount them (work with me, guys). With a few freelance projects currently in the works, as well as staying in Chicago for the majority of the rest of my summer (can you believe it?) I decided to treat myself to these babes. They’re definitely a love or hate shoe, but I’m in love.


The weekend previous to this, my friend Danielle came to visit and we went to Pitchfork Festival to see A Tribe Called Quest. They were incredible as to be expected, but I didn’t expect Pitchfork to have so many awesome vendors. I got a new Tame Impala limited poster to add to my wall of music art, but my favorite vendor was definitely Ebb & Flow. I’ll be honest, I left with their Strip My Mind spray, Fire on the Mountain face mask, some Amethyst stud earrings, a quartz crystal, and an amethyst. I’ve worn the earrings every day since, have used the face mask 3 times, and am probably halfway through my anxiety spray. So pleased with my purchases, check out their etsy shop here.



The goddess has a new album.



Speaking of side hustles, here’s 5 Marketing Courses for those looking to up their marketing game.

It’s pretty depressing to say, but summer really is nearing its end. If you’re feeling less than fulfilled with yours, here’s a little Summer To Do List from Man Repeller.

If you’re like me and you’re trying to acquire some new healthy habits this summer but are struggling to make them stick, here are some simple tricks from The Private Life of a Girl.

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leFashion posted this gorgeous Brigitte Bardot inspired Summer look that would be easy to get away with well into fall.


Need to Eat:

Before the summer is over it’s my goal to make some homemade ice cream pops. Food 52 gives a great how-to here.

Lusting Over:




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