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Muse Monday Vol. 19


I’ve talked a little bit before about my transition in birth control causing a lot of hormonal acne. I made the decision earlier this year to get off the pill (spironolactone) and skin medication my dermatologist had recommended me and go a more natural route. I recently was recommended Vitex Berry that helps to overall balance hormones. I’ve already seen a small change between that and my Arbonne FC5 night creme in just a few weeks.

I decided to finally give in to the letterboard craze and got myself a little 10x10in for my bedroom (that has no room for it whatsover). But it was such a steal I wanted to share it with you guys in case you’ve been on the lookout for one.


I’ve been in the mood lately to redecorate my bedroom, in part inspired by this small bedroom 3 ways.

And speaking of redecorating, here are 8 changes to make to your home to make you feel less stressed.

Being someone who has gone through and is currently going through the process of grieving, here is a great article about how to comfort grieving friends.

Putting yourself first is something that comes with growth and maturity, here’s 30 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Actually Have Self-Respect Now.

Being someone who personally has no desire to have children, I was interested to read about a new study that explains why people are so angry at the thought of not wanting to start a family.



I’m only posting this biggest Priyanka Chopra is in my top five girl crushes of all time, and I want to share 12 minutes of her just being her. Pure perfection.


Need to Eat:

My favorite meal at Reverend’s in Bowling Green has always been their grilled zucchini boats. They’re one of my favorite things to make at home because it’s so easy, but still healthy and filling. Here’s a great recipe from Well Plated for them, italian style.


Lusting Over:



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