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Muse Monday Vol. 8

I spent my 25th birthday and Easter in one of my very favorite cities, with some of my very favorite people! The weekend was filled with lots of great food, great company, and exploring the place I haven’t called home in over 2 years. NYC, I’ve missed you.




Last year after flying to my parents’ in Grand Rapids and not having enough room for all of my christmas presents, my dad and stepmom shipped my gifts back to me in Chicago. They sent it without saying anything so when a Ninja blender box showed up on my doorstep I got SO excited thinking they bought me a new blender (like only I would). They didn’t. I got my birthday present from them last Monday and you guessed it! I got a Nutri Ninja Auto iQ.  I’m pretty excited about it, I guess this is what being 25 is about.


My close and very talented coworker Nicholas Swatz is working on an incredible documentary through Baby Pomegranate Productions exploring the construct of masculinity within society, and femmephobia within gay culture…Give his teaser a watch!


Making Masculine – Justin Gerhard Teaser from Baby Pomegranate Productions on Vimeo.


I’ve been holding off on posting one of Vogue’s 73 Questions because I couldn’t pick just one. And then I figured, if there’s anyone you want to see on Monday, it’s probably Blake Lively.




I just recently joined Book of the Month club, where I get sent a new book (chosen out of 5) every single month. It’s a dream come true. This month I chose One Day We’ll All Be Dead by Scaachi Koul and I couldn’t be more excited to start reading it. Stay tuned to hear more about Book of the Month and all the great new books I’ll be reading!

I get plenty of jokes about my crystal collection, but not many people know anything about them. Learn about crystals, 8 essentials, what they do, and more in Goop’s article here.


One of my dreams is to eventually freelance fulltime and rent out an office at a coworking space like WeWork in Chicago. Here are five of the most beautiful coworking spaces in the world.


My friend Danielle sent me this awesome article about how the blind dream on National Geographic and I found it very interesting.


Need to Eat:

BBQ Cauliflower Tacos with pineapple salsa. Need I say more? See Blissful Basil’s recipe here.


Lusting Over:

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