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Muse Monday Vol. 4

After last weekend’s St. Paddy’s day festivities my liver was begging me to take it easy. I spent my weekend enjoying some time back home with my family in Toledo.


Two of my close friends came to visit (hi Mel and Molly!) and had these funky little contraptions on the back of their phone, I’ve been dying to get one. You pop them onto the back of your phone to make it easier to hold, prop up, and handle in general. Luckily for me, they’re on Amazon for less than $10! It was a hard decision choosing between the moon PopSocket and the pineapple PopSocket, but I ended up going for the pineapple!

So after about 2 years without a subscription, I finally decided to take the plunge on a birchbox again, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision. While my favorite so far has definitely been this Davines OI All in One Milk for my hair, I shared some of my other favorites below. Click here to get 50% off your first birch box!


Julia and I have an Apple TV in our living room that we usually use for HBO go, netflix, etc. She has a few movies that she’s purchased on iTunes as well and one of them is The Devil Wears Prada. When I don’t feel like scrolling through Hulu and looking for something new to watch I always default to it. Am I the only one who can put this on every single day and still love it?

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I tend to stray away from the cliche facebook shares from Thought Catalog about “Five Reasons He Still Loves You Even Though He Broke Up With You and Is Already Dating Someone Else.” However, I really enjoyed Becca Martin’s 20 things you should stop wasting your time doing in your 20’s.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lee Tilgham, wrote this awesome article a few months back about those days when you cringe when you look in the mirror. We all have them, and she gives some awesome ways to combat “bad body days” and loving your body again.

And just for good measure, here’s 8 of Forbes’ bad habits to break to be more productive.

Lusting over:

Guys, I could give you a few products that I’ve been dying over this week (and I will next week, don’t worry.) But really, I’m just lusting over this hair color.

What’s new with you guys? How did you spend your weekend?

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