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Muse Monday Vol. 5


If you’ve seen a reoccurring theme, I like to take advantage of Amazon Prime every chance I get. Even when buying vitamins, supplements, etc. this still rings true. This month I was starting to run out of a few of my favorites and had to restock.


Feeling achy? Feeling just plain down? Ask your doctor to test your Vitamin D levels. An estimated 1 billion of us are vitamin D deficient. These D3 Gummies not only taste awesome, but they keep me feeling great all day.


I’ve been taking B12 Vitamins since college and originally started using it for energy. I was a daily gym-goer and trying to avoid pre-workouts. After realizing all of the additional benefits, I’ve used it ever since. B12 supports healthy bones, brains, and keeps your mood up.


Spirulina is natural algae high in proteins and antioxidants. It’s beneficial because it’s crazy nutrient-rich, helps balance blood sugar, and about a million other reasons. I like to mix spirulina  powder into my smoothies, chia pudding, and overnight oats.


Another nutrient rich powder I like to mix in wherever possible is acai. Acai consumption has been linked to heart health, great skin, detoxing and overall general health. I use acai similarly to spirulina and mix it into concoctions when possible.


Last but not least in this month’s amazon cart was a far too big bag of Raw Cacao Powder (essentially healthy chocolate) Even if it weren’t for all the benefits, this stuff is incredible for anything needing a little extra flavor. Raw Cacao has the highest amount of plant-based iron, a ton of calcium, and (like most of the above) is an awesome mood booster.



I think it’s a fair assumption to say we can always work on self-love. Here’s an eye opening video about loving your body.



I don’t think an explanation is needed for this Forbes’ article. Read “Millennials Are Doomed To Face An Existential Crisis That Will Define The Rest Of Their Lives” here.


MindBodyGreen is by far my favorite blog to follow on the internet. I try to avoid posting an article of theirs every single week, but this one caught my eye on how to lovingly detach and release relationships that no longer serve you.


While I’m a big believer in detaching and not being too reliant on technology, well and good provided a great article on the subject about creating a balance. Here’s how to be plugged in-without losing your mind.


Need to eat:

In the future I’m going to be writing a lot more posts about my eating/health habits, but in the meantime I had to show you guys this super easy vegan pasta. One of my friends from my hometown runs an incredibly vegan blog called Upbeet and Kaleing It and is always posting the best recipes (whether you’re vegan or not!) Check out the recipe here.

upbeet and kaleing it

Lusting Over:

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  • Cydney

    This was actually really helpful. I go through good phases of taking vitamins and then lose interest. I didnt realise raw cocoa has so much iron, really good to know!