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Muse Monday Vol. 9

I know it seems like I travel every weekend, but that’s just been the month of April for me! This past weekend I was in Columbus, Ohio seeing college friends. I am so looking forward to actually being in Chicago all next weekend for the first time in what feels like forever.



Now that my roommate (and birthday twin) has finally gotten her birthday present from me I can post about this awesome Etsy shop I purchased it from. Because who doesn’t want a custom hand lettered globe? Everthine Designs has a ton of hand lettered pieces and I absolutely adore all of her products. Cheryl was super helpful and despite the usual 2 week production time, she sent out Julia’s globe in just a few days time so she could get it close to our birthday. I highly recommend, and let’s be real, I’m ordering an Aries map ASAP.




The other day on the train, it was absolutely gorgeous out and I was so happy to see a street performer on the green line. Surprisingly, this hasn’t happened to me a lot in the past year that I’ve lived here and it’s one of the things I miss about New York City. After hearing “What I Got” by Sublime and then “House of the Rising Sun,” I had to toss a few dollars into her hat! Come to find out, Kez Ban actually was on American Idol! Check her out here.



Mercury Retrograde scares the life out of me and right now everything is out of whack. Mind Body Green explains some of the different retrogrades and what to eat to help balance them out.


How did you celebrate Earth Day? Reading My Tea Leaves published a great post about being more earth friendly and ways to do it.



I could recommend Mark Manson’s book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck for days. It’s honestly my favorite book I’ve read in years. Mark also has a blog, and I loved his article about 10 Reasons Why You Fail.


I’m a big lover of craft beer, here’s an article about the craft beer capitals of the US.


Need to Eat:

My mom used to make these little coconut energy balls for me when I’d go on trips in high school/college and they’ve always been a favorite of mine. The Healthful Ideas has honestly some of the best recipes out there (I don’t know how I chose just one) but here’s her Apricot Brazil Nut Energy Ball Recipe.


Lusting over:


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  • That globe is absolutely adorable! What a great idea. Love it!

    • Isn’t she talented? My roommate loved it! Thanks for reading.