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My Cleveland Apartment

One of my favorite things to do is decorate; in moving to Cleveland, I finally got my own place about twice the size of the two bedroom I was living in in Chicago. While my Lincoln Park apartment was gorgeous, updated, and in the best possible location, my new place in Ohio City has room to host, lots of play space for Stevie and Presley, and is right down the street from Mason’s Creamery (what more do ya need?). It’s been fun decorating the space and I wanted to share some photos.



In my last bedroom I didn’t have room for much else other than my bed and a small dresser, and luckily in my move I got such an incredible closet that I didn’t need any furniture additions. This dresser definitely has some wear and tear, but it’s so easy to decorate as an accent piece. My bulldog framed print is one of my very favorites, and was a gift a few years back (thanks Lisa!)



Readers, meet the cloud. Cloud, meet readers.



My iMac had to be displayed as a bedroom TV because unfortunately we had no spare space for a desk. I’m so happy to finally have a work space now to use for freelance and blogging. How cute is my handmade dreamcatcher my little made me?



The last but most important part of my bedroom- my shoes finally all have a comfy home.



My kitchen is the main reason I loved this apartment as soon as I saw it. With a big wrap around L shaped counter, not only do I have more than enough cooking space, but with a few bar chairs it’s great for entertaining.



While my living room is a little smaller than my bedroom, it couldn’t be more cozy. Toss on a jazz record, a glass of red wine and some HBOgo and I’m in heaven. (How cute is P?)



My apartment is definitely still a work in progress (I haven’t been here two months) I love it so much already. How do you decorate that makes your place feel like home? Are you more for aesthetic or comfort?



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