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My Favorite Sneakers

I know this is a common debate in my department at work so I’m bringing it to the center of Meehandering- I consider ‘sneakers’ to be a fashion shoe. I wear ‘tennis shoes’ inside the walls of a gym or when running on pavement; I wear ‘sneakers’ paired with a cute dress and a sunny day.

While I definitely am a year-round sneaker lover, there’s nothing better than when fall weather starts sneaking up on you and you can toss them on with a pair of leggings and an oversized crewneck.

Unlike fashionable sneakers, it’s not a debatable opinion that fall is the best season. Weather and fashion are 100x more enjoyable during fall, especially in the Midwest. Sneakers are a great way to dress down an outfit or even make it a little more edgy. Here’s a few of my personal favorites.

Vans High Tops

I absolutely love a clean white high top. I wear these sparingly when I’m looking to freshen up an outfit, and clean them way more than I should admit to. Leggings, jeans, a tee shirt dress, these are a great go to. Buy here.

Classic Vans

This is one of my favorite pairs of shoes, mostly just because I owned the exact same pair when I was 13. I’ve always been the biggest fan of the Vans brand and I love that these are considered ‘trendy’ currently. Buy here.

Natural Chucks

Even more classic than Vans, I don’t think that Converse have literally ever been considered out of style. Not to mention, they’re so cheap it’s easy to grab a few pairs without breaking the bank. I personally love the natural whites just because I wear my chucks everywhere, and they’re my easiest pair to just throw in the washing machine when they get dirty. Buy here.


I splurged on a pair of high top Inkkas in college, and while I don’t wear them often when I do I get countless compliments. They’re really well made and beautifully detailed and look great with a really basic jeans and tee shirt outfit. Most importantly, Inkkas plants one tree for every purchase made and are ethically made. Buy here.

Slip Ons

While I don’t own slip ons myself (they make my feet look bigger than they already are), I didn’t want to leave them off my list. Slip ons can be so versatile and work in both casual and more dressed up outfits. If I were to have a pair, let’s be real, it’d be the classic vans. Buy here.


What’re your favorite sneakers or tennis shoes?

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