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My Weapons of Choice

In the past year I’ve gone from knowing nothing about makeup, to being damn near obsessed with it, and now finally finding a balance between the two. I’ve spent lots of money (you’re looking at a Sephora Rouge member) and have tested out several different products. I often get asked for recommendations and wanted to share my everyday routine.

Step 1: Skincare

I recently changed my method of birth control that I’ve been on since high school and my skin wasn’t too happy with me. Because of this, I’ve really had to step up my skin care game and follow a strict routine. Every night I wash my face and use a strong prescription topical medicine called Epiduo. As for my morning routine:

  1. I wake up, brush my teeth, and wash my face with Cetaphil Face Wash.
  2. Depending on the state of my face, I choose between three options found in the Glossier Super Pack. Super Glow, Super Bounce, and Super Pure all have different uses. When I’m exhausted I use Super Flow, when I’m breaking out I use Super Pure, and when I’m a little on the hungover side Super Bounce is just what the doctor ordered.
  3. I follow whichever Glossier option with CeraVe moisturizing lotion.

Step 2: Makeup

After finishing my morning coffee in bed and catching up with whatever texts or emails I may have missed overnight, I head over to my mirror to get started on makeup. I try and make this the quickest part of my routine.

  1. In the midst of my skin being extra sensitive, I’ve made a big move from high coverage foundation to Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint. Not only does this skin tint keep my skin even like a foundation, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup. Having incredible dry skin, this stuff has been a lifesaver.
  2. I conceal my under eyes and wherever else necessary with Urban Decay Naked Concealer. Finding a concealer that works for me has been quite the struggle. I go back and forth between Urban Decay and MAC, but the wand for this concealer has been my preference lately.
  3. I set my concealer and oily spots on my face with Laura Mercier translucent powder. When I first bought this it made me cringe to spend so much on a powder but I’m just now running out of my first one and it’s been well over a year since I purchased it. When in doubt- buy a travel size first.
  4. I usually do a quick contour everyday with Kat Von D’s Shade and Light kit. This was another price I wasn’t crazy about, but I use this just about everyday and I’ve only hit pan on one of the shades (again, purchased over a year ago.)
  5. After contouring I put on a little blush from Smashbox’s LA Lights Palette in Culver City Corral (Hey Ally and Kev!)
  6. Depending on my mood I’ll highlight with Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop from Becca.
  7. Once I’m finished with my skin I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows. This helps to darken out my brows as well as shape them where necessary.
  8. After curling my lashes, if I decide to put on winged eyeliner, I use Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. I’ve also used Stila before as well, but prefer Kat Von D because it’s cheaper.
  9. I finish up with an eyelash curler and Maybelline Great Lash mascara!

All that and I’m set for the day. Working a desk job I rarely need to touch up throughout the work day, and I tend to wash my makeup off as soon as I get back home. What are your ride or die skin care and makeup products? What strategies do you use to make your morning routine short and sweet? As always, thanks for reading!

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