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10 Airbnbs I Need To Rent Immediately

If you aren’t hip yet to Airbnb, here’s your awakening. Hotels are a thing of the past for me. High prices, rooms that look nothing like the website, and double booking; no thank you. I’ve used Airbnb for quick trips for college football games in Ohio, bachelorette parties in Nashville, and even when I visited Ireland and Switzerland. I personally think the best part is the wide range of options. You can rent a tiny bedroom for next to nothing…

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Meehandering the 312: Roanoke

Finding a place to grab brunch in Chicago when friends are in town is always a struggle. Mostly in the summer when everyone is out, it’s not ludicrous for a hot spot to have an hour long wait. If you’re anything like me and a. Hate waiting and b. Have a serious case of ‘hangry,’ it’s a little life hack to try and find the spots with the best food that the rest of the city hasn’t fully been turned…

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Muse Monday Vol. 18

I’ve taken a break the past 2 weeks from Muse Monday just to bring my attention back to myself, my overall well-being, and my intentions with Meehandering. I never wanted this to be something that I was writing just for the sake of publishing a post, and I don’t want to be reaching for content that’s not there. Most importantly- I definitely don’t want to end up wearing myself too thin. Meehandering is my creative outlet and my side hustle;…

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In order to graduate from my Visual Communications program at Bowling Green State University, we were required to complete three different internships. Somehow (it’s still shocking to me) I got the opportunity to work full time with the digital design team at the National Hockey League in New York City. After the initial ‘holy shit’ wore off, it was time to figure out how I was going to afford living in New York for an entire summer. One of my…

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7/18: Ten Songs Tuesday

Million Dollar Bill – Middle Brother A Dream of You and Me – Future Islands Honeybody – Kishi Bashi Midnight in Harlem – Tedeschi Trucks Band Beauty – The Shivers I Will Follow You – Toulouse The District Sleeps Alone Tonight – The Postal Service Chasin’ Echoes – The Lonely Biscuits Birthday – Kings of Leon We Can’t Be Friends – Dream Koala    …

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Look Like a Pro: Flying Must Haves

I’ve flown more during the past two years than I have in my entire life. I didn’t even fly for the first time until I was 19, but after that I was addicted; the days of hours and hours spent on road trips are long gone (that, and I don’t own a car in Chicago). My roommate travels regularly enough to have a plaqued seat on every United flight, so her and I decided to come up with a list…

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