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Self Care Go-Tos

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I’ve talked a bit before about the Headspace app and how easy it makes it for me to be more mindful and dedicate ten minutes of my day to being present. There’s no special time of the day that I schedule out- sometimes I wake up and use Headspace while waiting for my tea water to warm up, occasionally I take a moment at work when things slow down; Other times it’s relaxing to meditate right before I go to bed.



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Getting out of the office for lunch

In Chicago I worked in a setting where it wasn’t necessarily encouraged to take a lunch, and more often than not we didn’t leave our office all day and would eat at our desk. Keep in mind- my office had zero windows and my department of 5 people were all in one room together. Not the greatest set up. Because of this I tried to make it a habit that even if I didn’t eat out of office for lunch, I still made some time to get outside and take a walk and grab a breath of fresh air. Staring at a desk from 9-5 in a stuffy room doesn’t do any good for anyone.



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Get Outdoors

When my anxiety gets particularly bad, there’s nothing quite like the quick fix of going outside. One day it occurred to me- why am I only prioritizing spending time outdoors when I’m feeling anxious? Even if I just have a phone call to make or a blog post to write, I make excuses to get outside during the most mundane of tasks. I regularly took my hammock to the park by my place in Chicago with a pillow and my headphones just to take a nap. Here in Cleveland, the metroparks are exactly what the doctor ordered.



Social Media Cleanse

The only social media apps I keep on my phone are Instagram and Snapchat. If I’m really keen on checking facebook or tweeting something I just use my safari app and go onto the desktop version of each. Not having notifications of what’s going on on the internet feels great after staring at a computer screen all day long. Feeling a little extra? Leave your phone in another room completely just for a few hours and see what a difference it makes.



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Facetime with a long distance friend/family member

My friends all know that I’m the queen of facetime, but I still find it incredible that I can see and have a conversation with someone in another state. I’m not the best texter and phone calls terrify me, so I try to facetime my grandma every now and again to see her face and catch up in a much more personal way. Talking to grandma = stress reliever. Talking to grandma AND getting to see her cute new outfit from Talbots = even bigger stress reliever.



What are your favorite self care routines? Do you like to pamper or rough it out in nature?


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