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In my last makeup post I mentioned that I had been to hell and back trying to figure out the right foundation match for my face. I wanted to review the different foundations I’ve used in hopes to potentially help you find the right fit. Before I begin let me say that I was looking for something full coverage but not cakey. My face tends to be a totally different shade than the rest of my skin and my main focus when applying foundation is to even everything out. While full coverage may not be your main priority, I hit a lot of great foundations on the way.


Clinique Super Balanced
Clinique is the best brand to fall back on if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to destroy your skin. I’ve been using this foundation since I was old enough to be allowed to wear makeup and it’s never let me down. When I started to get back into makeup this was my first stop. It’s light, medium coverage, and affordable. The only reason I began to look elsewhere was because after living in sunny Maryland, my skin tone no longer matched my Buffalo porcelain skin, and I wanted to broaden my horizons. Buy it here.


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless
After asking for a random recommendation from a childhood friend, I set my sights on NARS. I went to a counter and had them match up my skin tone themselves. This is something I try to do every single time I buy foundation because a second opinion will sometimes keep you from either looking like a ghost, or looking like Snooki and Jwoww. There’s no doubting this is quality foundation but I’ll admit it was a little heavy without the coverage. While I see NARS as a quality brand, it doesn’t compare with its competition at Sephora. Buy it here.


Too Faced Born This Way
Even though this is one of my favorites,I struggled to find something that exactly matched my skin tone. There’s 18 different shades to choose from but I couldn’t seem to find the glass slipper that fit just right. Referred to as medium-to-full coverage, I’d say it did a great job of evening out my face without feeling heavy or caked on. I used every last drop of this before buying my next foundation. Buy it here.


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover
If I were to recommend any foundation for coverage, it would be makeup forever. It’s easy to build this into a completely flawless face without putting a ton of work into it. It comes with one of the most honest packaging- what you see is what you get. The bottle lasted me until I had gone full blown pale into my move to Chicago and I had to change up my shade. I still keep this around for when I have a little color. Buy it here.


Kat Von D Lockit
This is the first foundation in about 2 years that I’ve bought a second bottle of. Kat Von D as a makeup brand is honestly the all around package. If I had to choose one brand to purchase all of my makeup from, It’d be my girl KVD. The foundation is exactly the coverage I like, the packaging is pretty awesome, there’s a decent amount of shades to choose from, and most importantly all of KVD’s products are cruelty free. While I’m sure after this bottle I may stray and try something else out if I’m feeling adventurous, KVD Lock-it Foundation has my heart for years to come. Buy it here.


What I’m dying to try: Armani Luminous Silk
I’ve heard incredible things about this foundation, and after unsuccessfully attempting to get matched up with a color have been lusting it ever since. If you’re willing to invest the big bucks into this foundation, let me know so I can live vicariously through you. Buy it here.


What’s your favorite foundation? While a lot of these are higher end Sephora-bought options, what drugstore options do you swear by?


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