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Summer Dresses

While my go to outfit usually consists of leggings, a baggy top and some birkenstocks/sneakers, there’s nothing better that throwing on an effortless dress in the summer. Chicago weather is absolutely gorgeous this time of year and there’s nothing like a walk to work in a flowy dress with the sun shining and a little breeze going. Here’s a few of my current favorites!


Tee Shirt Dress

Tee shirt dresses are the best because you can make them into anything you’re feeling that day. You can dress it down as casual as it gets and still look presentable (probably). Or you can dress it up with heels, jewelry, and a hat and you’re still cozy and comfortable. It’s a win win.


Little White Dress

What better time to wear a white dress than when you have a tan (hopefully) andsome sunkissed hair? There’s something sleek and sexy about a little black dress, but a white one brings an innocent and angelic feel to your day. Also equally as easy to dress up or down as the tee shirt dress, and who doesn’t love a little texture on a white dress?



Floral Dresses

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”. I know, I know. You probably saw this coming. But it’s rare to pull off floral in the fall and winter, so take advantage while you can. I’m actually really picky when it comes to floral patterns. It’s very easy to go from cute to tacky when you’re dealing with flower patterns.


Denim Dresses

What can I say? The 90s are back and denim is in. Paired with some brown/tan and you’ve got a great summer combination.


*photos are not my own

What’s your go-to summer dress style? How do you dress up or dress down?


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