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Muse Monday Vol. 7

I had the most incredible time with my friends in Colorado this past week. We got to explore a little of Denver, Vail, and Breckenridge, all while sleeping in the cutest place in Frisco. Danielle and I tried our hand at skiing for the first time and she killed it. I fell more than once, but had such a blast (and I’m looking forward to trying again). Not only was this week’s company the best, but I think this may…

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Muse Monday Vol. 6

I spent my weekend in Cleveland for one of my very closest friend Ally’’s bridal shower. Her maid of honor Danielle did an absolutely incredible job putting the shower together. How cute is this decor?     Now I’m headed to Frisco, Colorado for a week off with my friends! In my first blog post I talked about an awesome event that my associates board put on earlier this year, where my friend Lauren bid (and won) a week long…

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Muse Monday Vol. 5

Purchases: If you’ve seen a reoccurring theme, I like to take advantage of Amazon Prime every chance I get. Even when buying vitamins, supplements, etc. this still rings true. This month I was starting to run out of a few of my favorites and had to restock.   Feeling achy? Feeling just plain down? Ask your doctor to test your Vitamin D levels. An estimated 1 billion of us are vitamin D deficient. These D3 Gummies not only taste awesome,…

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Muse Monday Vol. 4

After last weekend’s St. Paddy’s day festivities my liver was begging me to take it easy. I spent my weekend enjoying some time back home with my family in Toledo. Purchases: Two of my close friends came to visit (hi Mel and Molly!) and had these funky little contraptions on the back of their phone, I’ve been dying to get one. You pop them onto the back of your phone to make it easier to hold, prop up, and handle…

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