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Keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit is always key. And with today’s technology, wellness is more and more accessible. While being on your phone all the time takes away from health on certain levels, having on the spot access to fitness classes and meditation is something generations before us didn’t have the luxury of. Here are some of the apps I use to keep myself grounded.


I recently got into meditating this past year and I can’t recommend Headspace enough. There is so much science behind meditation and when it is this accessible, I don’t know why everyone wouldn’t take it up. Less stress, better sleep, healthier relationships, less anxiety, and better concentration are all just a click away.


This is a great app for gym goers that want to get past sitting on the elliptical for 30 minutes and waiting for machines post-cardio. Sworkit (work + circuit) helps to curate custom or premade circuits for you to do at the gym. They time each circuit and even have options to show you how to do everything correctly. Workouts made so. damn. Easy.


I think this goes without much explanation, but there’s nothing that keeps my mind, body and spirit healthy quite like music. There’s a lot of options for streaming services today but I’ll always stay true to Spotify. I have premium, overused playlists, and love seeing what my friends are listening to on my feed.


Yoga Studio

Guys, yoga studios are expensive. In Chicago, a monthly membership to my favorite studio is $150 a month. It’s so easy to practice at home, but for those not comfortable enough to come up with their own flows, this can be a problem. Yoga Studio does the work of a teacher for you. So grab yourself some new yoga pants and ditch the arm and a leg studio membership fee.

Couch to 5K

Anyone who knows how horrible my attempt to start running was will laugh at this, but I wanted to recommend this app regardless. Couch to 5K makes beginner runner’s jobs easy. With a combination of walk/jog/run schedules, it helps build up the ability to run. It helps you track your progress easily, and has a Pro version if you decide you want a step up from the free app.


Mind Body Online

Mind Body Online is the one stop shop for fitness, wellness and beauty appointments. One of my favorite tech abilities in today’s age is being able to manage appointments online. I don’t always have the time to call and grab an appointment somewhere while I’m at work, not to mention having to figure out what works with my busy schedule. Mind Body makes it so easy and are partners with almost all of the businesses I frequent.


I try to get my exercise through my commutes, at least during the beautiful weather Chicago has been giving us. When that’s not the case, I turn to ClassPass so I can switch things up as often as I want. Chicago has so many different fitness classes to offer and while I loved sticking to Pure Barre for 6 months, I missed yoga and wanted to try out new classes. I get one of the lower packages and still end up paying less than I would for a single class at a studio. Not to mention, they partner with most studios in the area so I’m rarely at a loss for a class to pick up.


What’re your favorite wellness apps? What keeps you healthy mind, body, and spirit? Have any specific apps that you can’t live without? Share below!

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