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What’s In My Bag?


Now begins the explanation of why I carry such a big purse and why it’s so unreasonably heavy. I always have a book in my purse. Even those ‘I-started-reading-this-and-I’m-not-into-it-nor-am-I-going-to-finish-it’ books. I always keep one just in case I get a moment to myself and would rather not be scrolling on my phone. For the longest time it’s been Dani Shapiro’s Hourglass– highly, highly recommend! Now it’s Your Song Changed My Life by Bob Boilen. I got this from a record store in Nashville and it’s one of my favorite purchases from memorial weekend!



I bought a Moleskine awhile back attempting to start a bullet journal (lol) and ever since I’ve kept it in my purse. I’ve been surprised at how many times it’s actually come in handy, and every time I go to take it out for good a little voice tells me not to. It’s great for when ideas or to do’s come to mind.


Charger + Portable Charger

While I’m completely for shutting down and taking a step back from technology every chance you get, I also think it’s important for your phone to be available when it’s needed. I listen to Spotify all day every day, and it tends to wear on my battery. I always keep a portable charger in my bag for emergencies. The best part about this one is that it lasts for days!


Business Cards

Does this make me an adult? I’ve come to realize on several occasions that having your contact information on you in a professional way is important. I’ve met people at Soho House, in uber pools, even on the train that would make great professional connections or people who may need design services. And let’s be real, slipping a cute guy your business card is so much easier than asking for his number. Mine are from Moo, and they make an incredible first impression.



This one is pretty plain and simple, I think dry skin is gross. In the winter when it’s at it’s driest, or in the summer and you’re showing a little skin that could use a refresh; having a little travel size of Vaseline essential healing is a must.


Perfume Samples

I’m one of those people who refuses to buy a full size of perfume. I have samples on samples on samples thanks to Birchbox and my grandma (who constantly gets free gift bags). So, it makes sense to always keep a few in my purse just in case. I highly recommend Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream or Clinique Happy for light, fun, always appropriate options.


Evian Spray

On a really hot day with the sun scorching, the first thing I want to do is pour some water on my face. But let’s be real I spent 20 minutes and a decent amount of makeup on perfecting it- so that’s not going to happen. My solution for the Chicago sun? Evian spray. I know, I know, it’s literally bottled water in a spray bottle. But how many times were you at Cedar Point when you were younger with a spray bottle with the fan attached? This is the same thing, but for adults. You’re welcome.



This is a given, but it’s an essential. After upgrading to the iPhone 7 plus and losing my beloved headphone jack, I’ve been using my noise cancelling Bohm Bluetooth headphones. These were an awesome gift, and although I have to be on the ball constantly about charging them; they’re worth it. I always keep my apple headphones in my purse too just in case.


Essential Oils

I used to have a monthly subscription to Gaia Collective’s Moonbox. They would send monthly boxes with crystals, tea, a guided meditation, and essential oil mixtures in regards to the current moon (I can sense the eyes rolling). I ended up canceling my subscription solely because my crystal collection was at an all time high and I was trying to budget a little more. However, this led me to have lots of perfect on-the-go essential oils. These are great for when I’m at work and just want to relax, or to dab on before yoga.



My all time favorite chapstick is definitely Rosebud Salve. But for when I want a little color, I’ve got something better. I discovered Arrow Boost Color Enhancing lip balm from my Birchbox as well. It looks and goes on just like regular chapstick, but adjusts to your unique pH and gives your lips a color tailor-made just for you. Not to mention it’s vegan and cruelty free.


What are your must haves in your purse? Do you prefer to carry light or do you keep your life in your bag?

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